Christmas 2019

Now that the kids are older, Christmas has lost a little of its luster. No wide-eyed boys waking us up at 5 am. No ripping through wrapping paper to discover toys. No losing interest in a gift after a week. No staying up late to assemble something on Christmas eve. No chasing around to find just the right thing. Click on Amazon and magically, it appears in two days! I still love the Lessons and Carols at church and the 5:30 Christmas eve service, hearing the choristers sing. Seeing my friends. Eating Christmas dinner with my friend Carol. Putting up the tree (fake this year, finally!) and the decorations I’ve used year after year. Smelling the pine cones and cinnamon. Laughing with friends. The magic is in the memory-making. The rituals of being with friends, and of course, all the music. I hope your Christmas was blessed and joyous. If not, just wait a year and give it another try!